Airport Construction

Current Projects: 

The Carson City Airport has received more than $33 million in FAA grants and airport funds to improve the infrastructure of the airport’s runways, taxiways, and aprons for expansion and to better serve the aviation community. We continue to strive to bring first class enjoyable experience to our tenants and visitors to the Carson City Airport.

Past Projects:

2003 – Seal & Strip Taxiway A and Aprons
2005 – Environmental Assessment & Cost Benefit Analysis for Land Acquisition
2006 – Land acquisition – Beehive, Serpa, Sheldo
2007 – Land acquisition Serpa Phase 2
2008 – Hill Removal – Design and Construction
2008 – Runway/ Taxiway Design
2009 – AWOS – Design and Construction
2009 – Rehabilitate and Realign Runway 9-27 and Taxiway A Construction
2010 – North Apron Environmental Assessment
2010 – Runway 9 Connector and Taxiway D East Construction
2011 – Taxiway D West – Design and Construction
2012 – North Apron Environmental Assessment Phase 2
2012 – Rehabilitate Taxiways B & C – Design and Construction
2012 – Main Apron Design
2013 – Main Apron Reconstruction Phase 1
2013 – Main Apron Reconstruction Phase 2
2014 – Main Apron Reconstruction Phase 3/ Runway Re-stripe
2015 – North Apron Design
2016 – North Apron Reconstruction
2017 – Airport Master Plan Update
2018 – Taxiway A, B, C, D Rehabilitation and Re-stripe  

Safety Aspect

Safety is the primary consideration for the Carson City Airport during construction. To ensure all safety and security measures are maintained, the Carson City Airport Authority in conjunction with airport engineer will prepare a “Construction Safety Plan” for all projects. Appropriate Notams and AWOS broadcasts will be created. The purpose of these plans is to provide attention to aviation safety and operational practices and requirements during construction on the airport.

For additional information concerning the Construction Safety Plan, a copy will be available for review in the Carson City Airport Manager’s office located in the terminal building at the airport.

AWOS Weather

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Not one boat in site. Total one with Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay. Great winter flying. ...

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2 months ago

Carson City Airport

21-year Michaela Flint is following in the contrails of her father and grandfather by becoming a Sport Pilot and striving for her Private Pilot’s certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confers Private Pilots rating to individuals who meet the Airplane Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and demonstrate aeronautical knowledge, risk management, and flight proficiency standards for the private pilot certification.

Ultimately, Michaela would like to earn her Certified Flight Instructor rating and teach others how to fly. Michaela started flying in July 2019 at the Carson City Airport under the instruction of Paul Hamilton and Matt Bowers at the Sport Aviation Center LLC flight school at the Carson City Airport.

In late 2019, Michaela won a $2,500 Private Pilot scholarship from the Reno High Sierra Chapter of the Ninety-Nines. (The Ninety-Nines or the International Organization of Women Pilots, also known as the 99s, is an international organization that provides networking, mentoring, and flight scholarship opportunities to recreational and professional female pilots. The 99s was founded by Amelia Earhart and friends in 1929). In March 2020 Michaela was awarded a $2,000 Private Pilot scholarship from the Reno Area Chapter of the 99s.

Michaela was honored to be the recipient of not one but two scholarships to help pay for her flight training. Michaela said, “I couldn't believe how simple it was to apply for and win these scholarships.” Michaela plans on staying in the Reno/Carson City area to work as a flight instructor when she has met the requirements. Michaela hopes to encourage other girls and women to become pilots and cannot wait to share the joy of flying with anyone who wants to learn.

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The Airport Manager’s Office is located in the Terminal Building at the main Airport entrance on College Parkway.

Normal Working Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Public Use 24 hours a day.

775-841-2255 (O)
775-240-0533 After Hours/Emergency


Airport Manager: Kenneth G. Moen
Carson City Airport
2600 College Parkway #6
Carson City, NV 89706


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