Airport Manager: Notice of Job Offering and Request for Resumes

POSITION:  Carson City Airport Manager  

REPORTS TO: Carson City Airport Authority

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: To plan, direct, and coordinate the operations, development, construction, and maintenance of airport facilities in accordance with government and board laws, rules, regulations, and policies. Primary responder for airport related incidents and accidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Directs the operations of the airport. Supervises the maintenance personnel in carrying out assigned duties. Oversees efforts of technical and professional contractors to ensure spending and results are in line with airport objectives and the annual budget. Implement snow removal plan. Oversees maintenance plan and ensures continuance of daily operations.

Prepares annual CCA operating budget, include capital improvements, with assistance of outside CPA service and Carson City Airport Authority (CCAA) Treasurer. Monitors expenditures to ensure proper and efficient management of funds. Ensures timely and accurate accounting entries and administrative activities. Adjusts plans and expenditures as necessary, with approval of the Chairman and Treasurer of the CCAA.

Ensures compliance with all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures, including operations, financial, safety, environmental, and in cases of emergency. Ensure appropriate training is provided and the training is documented. Recommends, develops, and implements Carson City Airport (CCA) policies and procedures. Maintains desk manual documenting administrative procedures. Maintains employee manual. Develops and maintains operating rules and procedures for airport, including several types of aircraft.

Consults with CCAA members, government officials, tenants, and air service representatives concerning development and upkeep of land and facilities. Designs and implements plans for developing land side and air side space to optimize land use and increase airport revenues. Optimizes airport utilization by attracting new business, airport tenants, and based aircraft.

Maintains a sound working relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Sends operational reports and policy changes and to the FAA as instructed by the CCAA. Responds to FAA requests for information. Keeps CCAA members apprised of FAA requests and regulatory changes.

Investigates and resolves tenant complaints, with the objective of positive tenant/CCAA relations. Recommends course of action where lessees/ tenants do not comply with any of requirements of tenancy, including 1) Carson City Municipal Code Title 19 rules, 2) CCA safety rules, 3) language of lease agreements, and 4) applicable FAA regulations.

Plans, organizes, and manages approved special events.

Represents CCA before civic and community groups and government agencies.
Other duties as assigned.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, transportation, or a closely related field or equivalent is required. A minimum of five years of experience in operations, supervision, administration, and financial management is required. Experience in any of the following disciplines is beneficial: airport administration, public relations, business development, and capital project management. An FAA pilot’s rating is beneficial. Consideration given to those with economic and business development activities in aviation.

Annual Compensation: $60,000 ‐ $90,000, depending on experience.

Resumes should be provided by FEBRUARY 5, 2018 to:
D. Zahtilla, Carson City Interim Airport Manager
Steven E. Tackes, Airport Counsel
Carson City Airport Authority

Effective Date: January 4, 2018

Downloadable pdf: Job Announcement: Airport Manager